Sunday, February 14, 2016

Self important twit of the week

Some of you may have seen a news story a few weeks ago about Jean-Marie Le Pen, a self-important French politician, objected to being having an embarrassing photo of himself taken in public.

While I'm very glad to see that a court has chucked out the frivolous lawsuit for $56,000 in "damages", I am less pleased to see that the court did fine the photographer €1 as a nominal judgement, and also ordered he pay Le Pen's legal costs.

What sort of crap is this?  They decide there's no claim to be made, but the defendant still has to pay the costs of some politicians's entitlement syndrome?  I realise, as do all thinking people, that the French are an arrogant set of insular, incompetent, lazy cowards, but apparently even their legal system doesn't extend to a level of intelligence beyond this.

Luckily the defendant is going to appeal the decision, and I fervently hope it gets chucked out.

Typical useless politician.  Wants all the media coverage in the world, but only while it's favourable, and thinks he can use his clout to stomp on someone who shows him doing something embarrassing.  Drop dead.

The court also required that the photo be taken down or face a further fine of €1,000 a day, which is more bullshit.  I have no idea what French law is (and for that matter the flight the selfie was taken on was between France and Italy, so does it even fall under French law at all?), but certainly in my legal jurisdiction there is no general right to privacy that protects a person’s image, particularly when not for commercial purposes.  In other words, if you're in public, you chose to be so, and you can't stop your photo being taken.

So fuck you Le Pen, and welcome to the Streisand Effect.

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