Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Australia Day and black hypocrisy

I see that yet again the local layout good for nothing coons have stirred themselves out of last night's cheap cask moselle hangover to protest Australia Day.

Of course, they all drove there, are wearing modern clothes and shoes, are carrying smartphones and only have the knowledge and language to make their complaint due to the "invasion" of the white fella's civilisation, but let's forget all that when it comes to putting our hands out for a land grab that always conveniently happens to be on the site where a multimillion dollar development has been proposed.  It's never on a block of land in the middle of fucking nowhere, because apparently the degree of cultural value ascribed to a location is a function of how much they think they can screw the white fella (or the sycopathic lefties among them, anyway) out of for it.

As always, I'll make my usual offer to the coons.  You can have a couple of million acres of the place, as it was 20 million years ago, and we'll build a nice fence around it.  Do what you like with inside it.  Catch kangaroos, spear each other, abuse your children, bang rocks together, whatever.  I'm sure it's all an expression of a rich and diverse "culture".

Set one foot outside it and expect to reap the benefits of civilisation and you shut your fucking useless mouths, because you've contributed precisely nothing to the development of the country, all the while complaining with your hands out that your society is being oppressed.  Most of you are too brain dead from alcohol and hitting each other over the head as a form of social discourse that you couldn't express what that was if your lives depended on it.

You know, those lives that have improved in expectancy by over 50% since colonisation?  Those ones that we spend more than 50% extra on than white people who stay off the ganja, don't drink themselves into oblivion on cask moselle and methylated spirits, and don't think that spearing someone else is a perfectly acceptable form of mediating a dispute?

Because, of course, what have the Romans ever done for anyone?  Bastards!

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