Sunday, October 25, 2015

Equipment abuse

I really am constantly struck dumb by how poorly some people treat their equipment.  They pay a fortune for it, and then don't learn how to use it, don't adjust or calibrate it, and don't maintain it.  They then wonder why it wears out, doesn't product the results they expected, or perhaps fails spectacularly - and then usually end up blaming the equipment.

Here's an example.  This is an early version of the tailstock on my string jig - it's basically a tensioning apparatus where the quill can be locked so it doesn't rotate, or can be allowed to freely rotate on demand at up to 350lb tension.  The quill shaft is a 5/8" steel shaft cut with an Acme thread, which is specifically designed for this sort of load bearing leadscrew use.  It doesn't need a lot of care, just the occasional dab of grease on the thrust bearing, and made sure you don't adjust the tension with the thumbscrew done up.

This is what some knuckle dragging idiot managed to do to one.  Note how the thread from about 1/3rd of the way in have been rolled over, before they have been pretty much swaged flat.

The owner complained he "couldn't get no tension" on it, and no doubt that was the first sign of incorrect operation that he noticed, too.

I really am inescapably reminded of these morons, who only noticed something was wrong fairly late into proceedings too.

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