Saturday, September 20, 2014

NFH Bunnings

Went to fletch some new arrows this morning for a comp tomorrow.  Got through four of the roughest looking arrows I can recall making for some time before I had a good look at the ‘slosh’ in the bottle and decided the cyanoacrylate had started to polymerise, which makes it near on impossible to get a consistent bead of glue.  Go for the spare bottle in the cupboard, only to discover that I *am* using the spare bottle.  Bugger.


Go for a drive up to Bunnings for Loctite Pro cyano, a litre of acetone for cleaning and degreasing, and (on instruction) a large bag of Dog Rocks to stop the hounds killing the lawn.


Local Bunnings Keysborough has cyano, but only ½ litre acetone as they couldn’t be bothered to order any of the 1 litre bottles.  NFH as it’s $9.50 as opposed to $10.50 for the litre, and I am a bit morally opposed to paying 90% of the price for 50% of the product.  I took the time to inquire as to whether it was normally stocked and was assured it was, although I did comment that the thick layer of dust in the hole assigned for the product suggested that I was being lied to, and not terribly well.  I abandon the purchase when I discover they don’t sell the large bag of dog rocks (5 rocks for $20) but instead want $10 for *one* rock.


Go across the road to Masters.  I don’t like Masters much.  The store layout is weird, their stock line seems to deliberately contrast with that of Bunnings, and I’ve not had much luck with them so far.  They had acetone in the desired quantity for the appropriate price, but don’t stock Loctite glues at all.  WTF?  Not willing to try some dodgy Selleys brand, no idea what’s in the stuff.


Drive to Bunnings Dandenong.  These characters don’t stock Loctite Pro cyano at all.  They stock every other product that Loctite make, but not the Pro stuff, which is pure glue with no fillers and retardants.  Despite knowing it’s a waste of time even drawing breath, I ask the pimple face aisle zombie in a Bunnings apron if they have any, on the grounds that I would have thought that the Bunnings Mk 1 Mod 0 stock selection would be pretty much identical from location to location.  Whether this is indeed the case or not I have no idea, as pimple face gave an excellent demonstration of precisely why minimum wage laws exist.


Drive to Bunnings Springvale.  Oh joy, we have both the desired glue and acetone.  Still only stock Dog Rocks in 1 piece bags, but by this stage I’ve had it and bow to the inevitable.  Although I must say that the Dog Rocks people use a bag that is way too big, because two rocks fit into one just fine.


So I’m shooting tomorrow with my old practice arrows, because between general cretinry on the part of corporate business and going to the movies tonight, I am not staying up until midnight fletching.



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