Sunday, December 15, 2013

I am so doing this

This illustrates the stupidity of the current furore over mobile phones perfectly.  I can quite legally eat my iPhone cookie, or drink a red hot coffee, or even use an electric razor quite legally while driving (I have heard senior police admit to the latter on live national radio) all while talking on a handsfree, but apparently if I hold the device I'm talking on the sky will fall in and I'm suddenly a menace to society.  (As if that only happened then.)

The reality is that mobile phone usage is an easily targeted, and more importantly easily detected "cause" for the cops to simplistically blame for accidents.  I see so many people who couldn't reliable drive their digit up their freckle with both hands on the wheel and what passes for full concentration that our licensing rules and driver training are a farce.

But as usual, it's easier to just tar everyone with the same brush instead of actually identifying and addressing the problem, because that would require someone to actually think about the issue.

And cops wonder why people don't have any respect for them.  Well done, morons.

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