Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday morning news from around the world.

Now, with added WTF...

Clearwater, Florida -- Police responded to the scene of a three-vehicle wreck Wednesday afternoon, where one driver reportedly punched a fire inspector and then burned a hole in the pavement trying to get away.  Comes with cool picture of hole.

I see that the airlines in the world have a new challenge in losing your luggage.  Of course, they'll still lose it, it's just gonna be reaaally hard to argue about it when you can prove it.

And, finally, proof that Americans will eat any damn thing as long as it's processed and fattening.  All you really need to know about it is in the last quote:  "The smell is like blue cheese and plastic and smelly feet. The taste is just like sugar and coconut, but THE SMELL IS SO REPULSIVE THAT I CANNOT GET PAST IT."

What more could you possibly want?

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