Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Overdeveloped self importance

I see that Andrew Wilkie is yet again suffering delusions of overdeveloped self importance in thinking that anyone gives a set of fetid dingo's kidneys about his opinion on asylum seekers.  Or, indeed, pretty much anything.

News for you, Andrew - you're a typical looney nutbag greenie (despite your refusing to admit to your politican leanings one way or the other, and sitting on the fence as an "independant") whose grip on the real world is tenuous at best.  The only reason you've had a few moments of anyone taking you seriously is the Australian public's lamentable failing to deliver a clear mandate one way or the other at the last federal election - something that I predict won't occur again for some time.

So be a good chap and pull your head in, because nobody cares what you think.

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