Thursday, March 22, 2012

What a bastard of a day

Still dealing with a cut hand, had a blue with the handbrake over the kid being a little cunt as usual, then sliced my index finger badly on a pair of shears I had just sharpened (well, apparently).  Claret everywhere.


Then discovered the clothes dryer was stuffed, suspect secondary to the aforementioned handbrake not flicking the start switch back to run, and burning out the start capacitor.  Handbrake protests “it’s only a $20 secondhand dryer.”  No, IT’S BLOODY NOT.  IT’S A $400 DRYER, WHICH IS WHAT IT COSTS TO **REPLACE**, regardless of what I paid for it.


Then I cut myself shaving for work, paid $1.55 for fuel on the way in, and had a bastard of a shift handling irrelevant bullshit we should not be worrying about in the first place, only intermittently interrupted by some intelligent conversation with a couple of people I respect. I did get to hack on some gear though, which is always good – especially when I have proved the vendor is bullshitting us.

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